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Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
of sandy is a stark reminder of just how vulnerable our critical infrastructure is. as this crucial backbone is rethought and rebuilt, cramer looks at one stock that seems to be in a powerful position. could it recharge your portfolio? and later -- >> house of pleasure. >> pending home sales rose to a five-year high today. which stock should you move into, as the foundation for growth and housing becomes more secure? tonight, it's an open house for three potential plays on a real estate rebound. which one should you put an offer out on? >>> plus best medicine? health care trust of america leases over 12 million square feet of medical space nationwide. could their hefty dividend help your portfolio stay healthy? cramer gives his prognosis in an exclusive with its ceo just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." >>> now that we've had a month to reflect on hurricane sandy, one thing is very clear. our nation needs a new power grid. you know that and i know that. i call this storm a wake-up call to government officials and the utilities they regulate all over this country to finally start
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
" will be right back. >>> coming up -- power up? >> the devastation left in the wake of sandy is a stark reminder of just how vulnerable or critical infrastructure is. as the crucial backbone is rethought and rebuilt, cramer looks at one stock that seems to be in a powerful position. could it recharge your portfolio? >>> later -- >> house of pleasure. >>> pending home sales rose to a five-year high today. which stock should you move into, as the foundation in growth and housing becomes more secure? tonight, it's an open house for three potential plays on a resteal rebound. which one should you put an offer out on? >>> plus best medicine? health care trust of america leases over 12 million feet of medical space nationwide. could their hefty dividend help your portfolio stay healthy? cramer gives his prognosis in an exclusive with its ceo just ahead. >>> all coming up on "mad money." [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is
Nov 19, 2012 6:00pm EST
than expected quarter this morning. you can argue that hurricane sandy to augment earnings for the next year as we're beginning to rebuild the coast. many of the hardest hit areas aren't even accessible to contractors let alone homeowners. however, i think that retail is the biggest winner if we hammer out a phased in group of spending cuts and tax increases. and the retailers that cater to making your home worth more of the players who will get the biggest share of those spare dollars? go back and listen to the home depot conference call. the theme is the cycle is just beginning. sbeerndi spending on your home is actually growing. go over the fiscal cliff, that nation trend would be snuff by dramatic tax increases. you have to bet that home depot shoppers revert to the ways that we saw several quarters ago. and i got to tell you something, it's not too late to buy the home desk spot. you should be buying the companies which sell into aisle, aisle, aisle, and aisle of home depot and lowe's. how about sherwin williams? how about stanley and black & decker? whirlpool. let's go back to usc
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
lost loved ones. but in spite of the tragedy, in our own curious way, sandy has given us the opportunity for a boost since the government rebuilt southern florida after hurricane andrew in 1992. a reconstruction so huge, it moved the country's entire gdp needle just when we needed it, after right a nasty recession. and now that we've assessed the damage, or we're trying to at least, i'll have to tell you one thing. i think this looks like a possible replay of that hugely bullish. right after a nastier recession. you couldn't tell that today to. ford with terrific numbers because they're connecting with the building materials industry. those stocks performed best today with the ones that took matters into their own hands. we spoke to queen harbors after it bought safety queen. to diversify away from the oil and gas business. queen harbors may have been up huge anyway, simply because, well, it's queens harbors. precisely what sandy ordered. buyers love the acquisition. $8.91. 18% gain for the good guys. tonight we're going to speak with two other companies that want to make
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
points ago. the same time i told you with hurricane sandy approaching, clean harbors was exactly the kind of company to look at. fast forward to this morning, clean harbor a very solid quarter. up $1.90 on a hideous day. slow down and drilling hurts big harbors because it's one of the biggest, dirtiest industries that they clean up after. industrial services sell 15 percent. now, some people thought it was a little light. but none of the forecasted reflected revenues from the emergency response association with hurricane sandy. it's too early to estimate how big that business will be and how long it will last. in short, that means the possibility of these numbers. i've been a fan of clean harbors for ages and the stock is up 76 percent since i first got behind them in june, 2010. could this be the right time to get aggressive? let's talk to the chairman and c.e.o. of clean harbors to learn more how his company is doing in this environment. the stock is down -- the stock was up huge when we spoke last, but i think that's deserving of it. i'm going to ask you right now, at the top of your c
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
hit, falling 7%. and in part because of worries about losses from super storm sandy. bob has said that aig has got sandy covered and i believe him. he came on my old show saying that met life would be paying out all claims immediately and inspired real confidence in our nation because many thought the insurers couldn't pay. so let's talk to bob, the excellent president and ceo of american international group. graelt great to see you. in honor of this special veteran's day, have a seat. the federal government, the treasury department, the federal reserve, has thanked you for the incredible major that you have done in returning the money to approximate american people but i say thank you very much from these american people. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> i think it's very meaningful. okay, now -- >> by the way, i have gotten personal private thank yous, but there were a lot of people in government that went on cameras and talked about the people of aig and vilified them. we had people who had their children beat up in school because their parents worked for aig. we had people in ame
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
, the auto bull market is very much alive in this country. hurricane sandy has given a major boost. there are reports thanks to the destruction wrought by sandy, 200,000 cars will need to be purchased. how will they play it? it's difficult to play it with the car makers. ford and gm have a ton of international exposure, including a big european business. so however phenomenal the results were, these were not pure plays and they could disappoint as europe slips into a deeper recession. if you want to profit from the north american auto market, we need to look at the companies that actually sell cars. the auto retailers. the best of the bunch are autonation for new cars and carmax for used ones. when it comes down to two stocks, you know what we do here, the "mad money" method is to have a face-off. a good old-fashioned stock shootout or if you prefer, a post apocalyptic beyond thunderdome style smackdown where two stocks enter and only one stock leaves. which is the better buy? autonation or carmax? this is a curious pair of stocks. they are both up around 10% year-to-date. they are
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
, the horrific and tragic superstorm sandy. this caused so much harm across the northeast. but tonight, i want to throw a little curveball at you and focus on a different disaster. talking about the macondo oil spill that left bp on the hook for a staggering $50 billion worth of liabilities. why am i coming back to macondo when everyone else is focused on sandy? because so far, in order to cover that $50 billion bill, bp has been forced to sell $35 billion worth of assets. the companies which have bought those assets tend to be doing really well. we're getting all these quarterly reports. why, because they've got some pretty good deals from bp. now that bp is nearing the end of its asset disposal program, i wanted to highlight the opportunistic buyers that have been able to swoop in like vultures and pick off pieces of bp at bargain basement prices. bp is the true motivated seller. they have no choice. they needed the money and they needed it now. anybody with the good fortune to be ready and to buy anything from them has gotten a terrific deal. bp is like a helpless giant. i'm going to tell y
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
never want to sell the united states short, ever. hurricane sandy could impact the entire nation as federal money and private insurance starts paying off and construction comes back with a vengeance. auto and home industries are coming back with more confidence than ever. and there is real hope in the air that tomorrow's big employment report might show some nice gains. the jobs report were a tad better than expects. that said, the upward move we saw in many stocks today, particularly in the industrials cannot be traced to anything happening here. no, not at all. these gains were all about one piece of data out of china. and not anything else you heard about why the stocks moved is wrong. we got the boost of stocks from fedex and the freight transporter into a mining and equipment manufacturer. because a chinese purchaser's report came in at 50.2, up from 49.8 the previous month. how the heck can it index in some index out of china amount to a hill of beans for any company? aren't these companies after all located here? yes, yes. it's true that the u.s. matters. but let me use th
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
been a great partner. >> sandy cutler who is the ceo of the company, said he fully expected that we would have something that made it so that we could fill our cars up and hook them up to the natural gas line. after this most recent hurricane, a lot of people are hooking up generators to the gas lines. when can i hook up a pump? >> i had one for years. for a dollar a gallon. ge is working on that right now. it is a couple of years out. you are right. think about it, the infrastructure issue goes away and we have natural gas in 70 million homes in the united states. it is natural. >> i feel better. i got bummed. i'm a head game player when it comes to a cleaner fuel. you know what i think it is patriotic. >> stick with us, jim. >> clean energy fuels. stay with cramer. >> coming up. cliff notes. time is running out with the market and your money hanging in the balance, cramer is taking action. honeywell ceo dave cote talks about his role in the fix the debt campaign and his take on whether we can avoid the fiscal cliff. and later, ready for takeoff? shares of boeing have been caught i
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm EST
in the northeast weren't doing much car shopping. the second half had to be on fire. sandy may have been the singest biggest car destroyer since katrina. or maybe more, given the fact that so many imparted cars were damaged near the cox of the region's rivers. tuesday morning we hear from the brothers toll. here's the best home builder in the country go. ing to tell you the story of the boom. if you remember there was a time when bob toll of toll brothers and eagles fan came on "mad money" during what turned out to be the early part of the housing collapse. he said he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. but it was most like lit light of an on-coming train. those days are gladly behind us. i suspect the toll tells a story that it goes down the fiscal cliff monday. every day is fiscal cliff tuesday, wednesday, thursday. you get the picture. anyway, you should pull the trigger here to buy it here if the fiscal cliff does what i'm afraid of. brown foreman reports wednesday. this is an interesting one. why? because goldman downgraded it to sell. just last night. i've seen this movie. they
Nov 20, 2012 6:00pm EST
not include the business if hurricane sandy had not have hit. >> it was a great quarter. as you can see. $788 million is up 35%. jim, you know we have been on that talking about the 30% plus both quarters, it is an awesome time to deliver a quarter like that. all of these other things and here we are delivering this great number. $1.29 billion really great. how are you with the operating cash flow for this quarter? well, you can see, we have delivered more than $100 million, this is our 5th consecutive quarter withbrating cash flow in excess of $100 million. we are in a market share game. cloud computing and mobil, nothing is getting our customers faster results or delivery. we are absolutely the leader in the area. most people are trying to back away from europe. why bother? >> you can see europe had a great quarter. these customers in europe are under tremendous dir res. they have to turn to vend dors like us that can deliver solutions right now. that is why cloud computing always grows during times of distress. when companies can't operate the way they normally do, they are going to go to
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
izod brand is doing. >> sandy had to shut down a lot of stores for you. the hurricane storm 35-40% of your business is done. it is a big part of our business. it did impact us in the first part of november. we were were able to still raise the year we were able to do. we were looking for a big 4th quarter. revenues will be up 7%. we were looking for earnings per share growth. so, we are expecting 4th quarter, a holiday season to continue very strong. how important is the cost of acquisition and the core basic strength of the business? i mean to me, it has to be a big up year given the strength of what you can do already. >> we have talkeded about the strength of the brand overall worldwide. we think we can add to that. we think the acquisition can be clear in the first year. we talked about two to three years from now. so, that you know, that is the point next year is a transition year, bringing the business in. i think we have talked about 35 cents a share, but i think the real opportunity there is greater than that. >> i have been emphasizing companies that take the bull by t
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
, not lennon like you showed that portrait last week. >> billy joel was quite a hero in the concert for sandy. he looked great and he sounded great. >> if i don't like billy joel, i'm done. >> caller: what's your upon on plcn, pollycon? >> we don't want to be in anything i regard as video and voice because you'll be competing against the giant that is cisco! >> glen in illinois, please. again? >> caller: i'd like to thank you on your excellent insight into jobs in general. >> my stock has been up at past eight trading days and i was wondering if this was any case the stocks stocks were to pop. cldx is the prop. don't know why it's up. got to come back. sorry. could be a could good peck. >> all my florida calls are so -- what do you got? >> bye, bye, bye. >> he who is -- stephanie lake, we were talking, i said this is right now, one of my absolute favorite stocks between now and when this deal closes, underrated, so smart, it will do 14, what he has done for coffee! let's go to john in colorado. >> hi, jim. i'd like to give a big boo from a. >> we got another call about one of these dals. they
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
stocks are hammered in part because the crude futures came down since sandy caused a bill oil backup. you heard about that every night on the news. now gasoline is starting to flow again. i think crude can come back. you need to pick at the oils as i'm doing with my charitable trust. as for the banks, come on, they were not going to do that much better under romney anyway. bankers belly ache over dodd/frank. but they're getting good numbers and banks do nothing but belly ache anyway. i think they're getting oversold. overall, i look at most stocks like this. for the moment they are too high. but the process of wrenching expectations down is under way now. and so therefore is the correction. and ultimately, the capitulation. when we can beat the new lower expectations starbucks-style and bridge the fiscal cliff, i'm confident that we can come back strong. so here's my bottom line. we have cons galore. but there are some pros out there, too. unfortunately, it's sequential just like the cart before the horse. push the cons down before the pros bring it up. only then can we return to a more h
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
in the stores for hurricane sandy that didn't sell, that left retailers with much too much inventory in the northeast and it's dated inventory. third, ross stores is a big beneficiary from the collapse. yes, i do not use that word lightly, from jcpenney. it is now taking a huge share from the disorganized dysfunctional penney to the point management called this out on the conference call. the other guys have been reluctant to do that. speaking of the conference call, company -- now that we're entering gift giving season, as a quarter of ross' merchandise is oriented arounded home and recovery means they're selling a lot more furniture. ross stores is a shareholder friendly company. they have a small dividend, okay? one that yields just 1%. the company's consistently increased that dividend. every year for the last 18 years. most recently, 27% boost back in january. beyond that, ross has brought back a huge amount of stocks since 2005. i was astonished to see they've retired 25% of the shares outstanding over the last seven years. that's a serious buyback. company still has about $560
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)